Ignite Promotes Marcos Jerez to Director

IGNITE is proud to announce the promotion of Senior Program Manager, Marcos Jerez, to the role of Director! Marcos will continue to manage and grow the Ignite portfolio of business at the Maxwell/Gunter Annex in Montgomery, AL. Marcos has demonstrated outstanding management of critical contracts for the Air Force, specifically his work on OLVIMS, MARKS, and CMOS under the Transportation Family of Systems within the Air Force BES. He has grown the Ignite portfolio by providing trusted, predictable, and focused support to the Air Force Transportation community and the Department of Defense (DoD).
Senior Vice President and Chief Business Officer, Robert Hamilton, says, “Marcos has a strong background as an Air Force veteran and SME level program manager. His Air Force clients continually rely on his character and leadership to help support the Transportation and Logistics community warfighters of the Air Force. Ignite HQ is incredibly proud of Marcos and Cargo and Personnel Movement team’s accomplishments!”