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Ignite Education's mission is simple: we support the information technology services that educational leaders use to support their students. Ignite Education's on-site support staffing model and on-call help desk are always there to ensure the success of our educational leaders' own mission: Educating America's Future.

Ignite Education began by providing information technology support to one of the nation's premier education systems, in one of the world's most technologically advanced communities — Huntsville City Schools. From Wifi cost-analysis to infrastructure & network management, digital usage tracking to iPad inventory, personalizing learning environments to reporting failing/missing students, Ignite Education's goal has been to diminish ITL, or Instruction Time Lost, due to all IT related issues.

Each one of our team members are trained, certified, and focused on preventing this ITL. Ultimately, our team members believe they work for the students. They are continually improving their skills, gaining relevant certifications, and determining new means of personalizing the learning environment with technology.

A personalized learning environment, by definition, can't be one-size-fits-all. Whether STEM or Cyber Patriot, Digital 1:1 or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), the IT profile of your school system will need a flexible, tailored support plan.

Technology Applications

Ignite Education has been responsible for a number of custom technology applications since its start, such as:

    IT Implementation and New Building Construction Projects
    Database Management and Administration
    Day-to-Day IT Support
    Child Nutrition Program Administration
    Network and Infrastructure Management
    Systems and End-User Device Support
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What could the cost savings look like for your district? Review the snapshot of one of our local school district savings summary to the left. Our approach provides flexible solutions to meet your districts specific needs instead of a one size fits all solution. Our IT implementation and support can be as personalized as the learning initiatives in your classrooms.

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