Since 2001, Ignite customers are as diverse as the solutions we provide. Ignite has a global reach providing technological solutions to impossible problems. We assign specific business unit managers to each customer in order to build a cohesive “team” approach. Igniters are not just our employees but are every customer we touch on a daily basis.

Ignite provides support to several service areas within the Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) group: Materials Management, Depot Maintenance and Repair, Obsolescence, Mission Evaluation Room console, Supportability Analysis, Property Management, and Life Cycle integration. Ignite provides IT services for the NASA Aircraft Management Information System (NAMIS), which is an integrated, module-based, customs software suite that supports aircraft flight operations across the agency.

Ignite provides business process analysis, application development and maintenance, help desk and training services for the Transportation Family of Systems for the Air Force. We reinforce the strong team dynamics that are in place today and focus on Agile and DevSecOps methodologies to strengthen the team’s effectiveness, improve software delivery, and increase process efficiency.

Ignite provides support to formulate and define system scope and objectives, draft detailed recommended specifications for complex military modeling and simulation programs to include application design, data source determination and programming activities. Ignite assists in the development of study plans and objectives and planning and liaison support for TRAC studies that include war gaming, strategic planning, economic, cost analysis, performance tradeoff and feasibility studies.

Ignite provides administrative, organizational, and operational expertise to effectively and efficiently support the Chief of Staff’s Executive Administrative organization in cost, schedule, and risk management services. Ignite supports both the technical and business management of the MDA Records Management Program, including implementation of policy and procedures necessary for the identification, storage and access to MDA official records.

Ignite provides support skills for Service Desk, Asset, Program Management, and comprehensive technical and IT support services for the US Army Logistics Data Analysis Center (LDAC), which supports all logistics functions for the US Army. In addition to designing, developing, and maintaining a robust and secure enterprise-level architecture, we are also responsible for managing, upgrading, and developing custom applications for the LDAC Portal, one of the largest portals in the US Army inventory, currently containing 197 custom applications to support user requirements.

Ignite hosts Iteration Planning Meetings, coordinates sprint planning, facilitates scrum, sprint, cybersecurity and functional testing in  support of Agile software development while ensuring security directives are followed.  Ignite performs source code scans and analysis to identify security issues early in the development lifecycle, along with continuous code inspection.  Ignite supports the development of current and future global space, missile defense, and high altitude capabilities software to enable multi-domain combat effects; enhance deterrence, assurance, and detection of strategic attacks; and protect the nation.

Ignite provides State and Local Government with IT support services, consulting services and Subject Matter Experts to handle their planning and execution needs.  Ignite has supported State, City and County Offices with a variety of initiatives from IT infrastructure, help desk support and modernization of Information Technology platforms.

Ignite provides sophisticated network and IT services to a growing number of education clients struggling with new digital initiatives. Ignite has supported numerous schools transitioning to a more digital curriculum based environment. Each customers requires specific needs and Ignite tailors every approach to each individual school district.