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February 1, 2017
Engineering Team of the Year
March 3, 2017

4th Quarter 2016 Continuous Improvement Award

Each quarter, Program Managers submit employees for consideration of the Continuous Improvement Award.  This award provides recognition of an employees’s contribution to identifying and implementing continuous improvement suggestions that benefit their customer in the quality of services, products and processes they support.  Eric Gutierrez, TRAC-WSMR program, and Tammi Townsend, TEAMS OA program, were nominated for 4th Qtr 2016.  Mr. Gutierrez spearheaded a new methodology for reducing the number of tickets called the Full Coverage Approach (FCA). This new methodology resulted in a performance boost and a reduction of tickets by nearly 50% within the first two weeks FCA was implemented.  He has demonstrated leadership and vision which are key factors for his continual high performance and in recognizing process improvements.   Ms. Townsend took the extra step of educating DPL staff (her customer) on all changes or updates to the timekeeping system, ensuring they had the latest information.  Due to her continuous focus on making the daily administrative burden of her directorate easier and more efficient, Tammi was selected by Brigadier General William Cooley as his nominee for MDA 2016 Contractor of the Year for Administrative Support.

Eric is last quarter’s recipient and will receive a plaque and a bonus. Congratulations to both Tammi and Eric for their outstanding contributions to their customer’s continued success.

Tammi Townsend 4th Quarter Continuous Improvement Award Nominee