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August 6, 2018
Ignite becomes member of Certified Employee-Owned (Certified EO)
November 14, 2018

(L-R) PM Steve Stelk, Mr. Rick Hashman

2018 2nd Quarter Continuous Improvement Award Winner

Each quarter, Program Managers submit employees for consideration of the Continuous Improvement Award.  This award provides recognition of an individual’s contribution in identifying and implementing continuous improvement suggestions that benefit their customer in the quality of services, products and processes they support.

We had submissions from several programs and the second quarter winner is Mr. Rick Hashman! He proposed a plan to create a tool to perform a QA review for all approved Material Line Item requests.  The tool identifies anomalies and creates statistics that are used for briefing charts.  The Army receives 500-700 requests every two weeks.  They wanted a QA review of ALL requests to be done, but due to staffing, only a 10% sampling of the requests could be reviewed.  This took 40 hours to complete.  With Rick’s new data quality tool, a QA review can now be performed on 100% of the requests AND it is completed in 1-2 minutes.  Not only does this save 40 hours of QA review every two weeks BUT now the Army receives 100% QA review instead of 10%.